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Patented Design Found in Millions of Tools Worldwide

Whether it is a cultivator, edger, pruner, or just trimming grass, Elliott has the product specific flexible shafts to meet your needs.

  • Partnering with many of the world’s leading Lawn & Garden OEM’s
  • Advanced, high capability manufacturing equipment, processes, facility and technicians

You may recognize us from the Flexshafts in your string-trimmer and many of the home and professional use tools you’ve been using for years.

Your engineers are constantly looking for new ways for people to use your products. We’ll work with you to provide a Flexshaft solution that stretches the functions at a cost that will surprise you.

Of course, we’ll always be here for your string-trimmer needs, but at Elliott, we’re so much more than that.

Product Highlights

  • Powers remotely with virtually no loss in efficiency.
  • Endless Flexshaft path possibilities.
  • A variety of sizes and constructions to suit your application.
  • Patented nylon-liner designs can enhance overall performance.

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“We’ve had a long and fruitful relationship with Elliott due to their balance of impeccable quality and cost competitiveness.”

– Mr. Boeing | Airbus Purchasing Manager