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OEM and Aftermarket Solutions from Elliott Bring Higher Yields, Lower Costs, and Planting Solutions that Make Sense for Today’s Precision Farmer.

Since 1990, Elliott has manufactured over 400,000 Flexible Seeder Assemblies covering most planters.

  • Elliott Manufacturing has developed specialized and highly reliable solutions for our OEM and Aftermarket customers in the Agricultural marketplace.
  • Elliott’s mechanical solutions are environmentally sealed, providing a maintenance-free and reliable solution for harsh agricultural settings.

The ability to design and produce flexible drive and control shaft products is what has enabled Elliott Manufacturing to address advanced applications where precision performance, demanding conditions and high-operational reliability requirements must be met. Agriculture requires it all.

Elliott’s Flexible Shafts are asked to perform in a variety of applications. Whether it’s precision performance, demanding conditions and high-operational reliability, Agriculture requires it all.
Elliott’s flexible planting products extend mechanical advantages without the need for additional power sources. If your planter has a toolbar, you already have all the power you need to drive any one of our precision planting products.

Product Highlights

  • Easy OEM Installation
  • Field retrofit capable
  • Promotes substantial seed savings
  • In-line electric clutch option
  • Increased space on tool bar
  • Aftermarket Upgrade
  • Completely sealed system
  • No lubrication required
  • No crop/chain disengagement
  • No chain/sprocket alignment issues
  • No chain guards required
  • No spring or winter maintenance required

Which Products Are Right For You?

If your planter is running with chains and sprockets, it’s time for you to learn about FlexSeeder, Elliott’s modular offering for a wide range of planter models.

Read Elliott’s FlexSeeder Installation Guide.

If you have a John Deere planter with Pro-Shaft drives and want to add an inline clutch, it’s time you knew about RowControl, Elliott’s easy to install solution for individual on/off row control.

Read Elliott’s RowControl Installation Guide.

If you’re using Precision Planting’s vSet seed meter, you should see SurfaceDrive, Elliott’s mechanical drive that uses the power from your own toolbar to drive the meter.

Elliott’s SurfaceDrive is the most versatile and proven approach to ensuring a maintenance free drive solution, capable of saving seed, time and operating profit.  Elliott’s goal is to provide consultative solutions that ensure that all of their customers are utilizing the most effective and efficient drive method.  If you are still using or specifying chains and sprockets, bulky hydraulic or pneumatic row control, then think Elliott SurfaceDrive – proven, reliable, rugged, maintenance free, and easy installation.

“With the FlexSeeder System, it saved me seed, it had more yield and it saved me headaches I would have by overplanting.”

– Jerry H., Serinville, NE (Video Testimonial)