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Flexible Shafts in Action

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Flexible shaftsElliott’s dependable flexible shafts are used in a range of construction tools, especially concrete vibrators, which rely on flexible shafts to deliver torque to the vibrating head inside a concrete form. Elliott’s range of products will solve your power transmission problems when direct alignment is an issue. They are designed to transmit power over, under, around and through obstacles that would hinder other systems.

Flexible shafts are used specifically on pencil, backpack, electric motor and briefcase vibrators. Our shaft assemblies range in size from small, battery-powered wands to large, plug-in or gasoline-powered equipment that can be used for very deep pours. Whatever the application, a versatile and durable flexible shaft ensures the vibrator will be positioned easily and correctly into the concrete.

Customize Your Power with Flexible Shafts

When used in portable construction tools, flexible shafts replace a motor-in-head or pneumatic vibrator. Typically, these have a median core diameter of 0.250 to 0.625 inches, with a carbon steel core. The core rotates within the casing, and is constructed using multiple layers of helically wound wires. The stationary casing performs multiple functions, including protecting and supporting the core, and preventing helixing under load. Elliot’s variety of product assembly options include other components, such as:

  • Ferrules (terminals) attached to the ends of the casing
  • Fittings to connect the driving and driven elements
  • Couplings on each end of the assembly to engage with the mating components

Elliott engineers work with you to customize any of these components and provide the optimal flexible shaft for your application.

Flex Shafts_Concrete Vibrator

Why Choose an Elliott Design

Elliott flexible shafts solve your complex drive problems easily. With the Elliott brand, you’re assured a range of benefits:

  • Reduction in overall design time
  • Lower initial assembly and maintenance costs without impacting safety
  • Enhanced vibration absorption and isolation
  • Reduced need for universal joints, gears, pulleys and couplings
  • Strength to withstand shock of sudden load changes
  • High degree of freedom in mounting drive units

To learn more, contact the Elliott Manufacturing Sales Manager Brad Brandt at brad.brandt@www.elliottmfg.com

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