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Vehicles, Plant Equipment, Hand Tools... Thousands of Applications & Counting

With over 3500 different flexible shaft and flex coupling assemblies, commercial applications for Elliott’s products are everywhere.

  • Construction sites, labs, hobby pursuits; the common component is the dependable, flexible shaft from Elliott Manufacturing.
  • Advanced, high capability manufacturing equipment, processes, facility and technicians that meet the high standards required for commercial, military and FDA endorsed products.

Shortly after someone put a motor on one end of the a flexible shaft, Elliott began manufacturing products that, for decades have served widest array of practical and creative uses.

Along with this history came numerous additional applications in printing, molding, manufacturing and construction.

Concrete vibrators rely on Elliott’s shafting to deliver torque to the vibrating head down inside concrete forms. Meanwhile, another global application is for power sanding equipment used to finish walls and ceilings

Rotating power in the hands of a jeweler, carver, craftsman or hobbyist provides the cutting, boring, grinding, sanding, polishing and finishing of precious products to personal achievements.

Commercial Application Examples

  • Food, meat & poultry processing
  • Concrete vibrating shafts & heads
  • Flexible steering for utility vehicles, tractors, & golf carts
  • Remote electric starters
  • Duct & boiler cleaning
  • Drywall sanding
  • Automotive safety equipment
  • Tool extensions
  • Elevators
  • Solar panel production
  • Truck tank lid actuation
  • Printing & packaging
  • Remote thermostat controls
  • Spas
  • Animal sheering
  • Recreational equipment applications
    …and more!

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“We’ve had a long and fruitful relationship with Elliott due to their balance of impeccable quality and cost competitiveness.”

– Mr. Boeing | Airbus Purchasing Manager