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When It Really Counts, Trust Elliott.

Elliott Manufacturing is the nation’s oldest supplier of remote valve operating systems and associated equipment for use in nuclear and fossil fuel power applications.

  • Elliott’s intimate knowledge of the industry coupled with a proud product development heritage that dates back nearly 100 years
  • Our equipment is installed in nearly every U.S. nuclear installation and a growing list of international sites.

Elliott’s valve control line of products present the most comprehensive solution available today. 

Bottom line: Elliott’s SafeOperator and Uniflex-Stow line of products provide peace-of-mind for even the most demanding applications, like power generation.  Our systems have been fit for nearly every US nuclear installation as well as a growing list of international sites.  In the case of an emergency core cooling requirement, non-electrical valve controls, such as Elliott’s SafeOperator, provide a secondary means of operation and a safety measure unparalleled in the industry.   Our design and application engineers will work with you to create a manual remote valve solution that’s easy to plan and simple to install.

Our products include Uniflex-Stow, SafeOperator, and ROG (Remote Operating Gear).

Product Highlights

  • Our system components are designed specifically for the power generation industry.
  • Elliott (Stow) has equipment in nearly every U.S. nuclear installation operating today
  • Our components offer the lowest maintenance factor in the industry.

Related products

Elliott’s Uniflex-Stow™ system is the most versatile, reliable and proven approach to remote mechanical valve actuation available today. The Uniflex-Stow™ system is a unique answer to the problem of remote mechanical valve actuation. When a valve is in a hazardous or hard-to-reach position, and must be actuated, then Uniflex-Stow™solves the problem. It is the safe and reliable way to actuate almost any valve. If you are still specifying or using out-of-date chains dual cable systems, linear systems or make-shift solid rod and UJ systems then think Uniflex-Stow – proven, reliable, virtually no maintenance and easy to plan and install.

Elliott continues to increase its presence in the Power Gen market by continually reinvesting in our designs, production techniques and product breadth.