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What types of Control Cables are there?


Typical examples of Control Cables are:

Light Load Connector Controls: Suited for less demanding applications and are available with or without a protective nylon outer tube for corrosive resistance. These products can connect an existing lever with the device you with to operate. They are perfect for dampeners, vents and valves. Cables can employ a loop on the end which may be centered on tangent or a specific orientation between loops.

Heavy Load Duraglide Connector Controls: A more robust alternative to our light load line, these Control Cables are designed for long life in demanding environments. Many of our customers have employed these units in agricultural or heavy construction applications because they use a high-density polyethylene and stainless steel inner to reduce the possibility of corrosion.

Push/Pull Cables: A wide variety of Push-Pull Cable ends, fittings and accessories make Elliott the preferred supplier to the many market leaders. Our products are rated between -70°F to 350°F and function in the most demanding and rugged applications. Our Application Engineers will quickly turn your concepts into functional prototypes for testing and evaluation. Contact Us now for assistance!

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