Elliott Manufacturing | FlexSeeder Compatibility Chart
Compatible Planter Models* Compatible Seed Meters**
John Deere 7000 Series Precision Planting Finger Pickup
John Deere 7100 Series Precision Planting eSet
John Deere 7200 Series Precision Planting vSet
John Deere 7300 Series John Deere Finger Pickup
John Deere 1700 Series*** John Deere Radial Bean Meter
Kinze 3000 Series John Deere Vacuum Meter
Kinze Finger Pickup
Kinze Radial Bean Meter
Kinze 4000 Series Vacuum

*Not all downforce options of these models are compatible with the FlexSeeder system. Consult your dealer to verify compatibility.

**Compatibility based upon calibrated seed meters. Improperly calibrated seed meters can result in reduced durability of the FlexSeeder system.

***Not all models of the 1700 series are compatible. Consult your dealer for more information.