Compatible Planter Models*Compatible Seed Meters**
John Deere 7000 SeriesPrecision Planting Finger Pickup
John Deere 7100 SeriesPrecision Planting eSet
John Deere 7200 SeriesPrecision Planting vSet
John Deere 7300 SeriesJohn Deere Finger Pickup
John Deere 1700 Series***John Deere Radial Bean Meter
Kinze 3000 SeriesJohn Deere Vacuum Meter
Kinze Finger Pickup
Kinze Radial Bean Meter
Kinze 4000 Series Vacuum

*Not all downforce options of these models are compatible with the FlexSeeder system. Consult your dealer to verify compatibility.

**Compatibility based upon calibrated seed meters. Improperly calibrated seed meters can result in reduced durability of the FlexSeeder system.

***Not all models of the 1700 series are compatible. Consult your dealer for more information.