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What are the parts of a Flex Shaft?


Generally, a Flex Shaft is made up of the following: core, casing, motor connection, fitting, and ferrule. Some systems will have all of these components while others may have only a few.

CORE: Wire wound in layers in opposing directions around a center wire.

CASING: Flexible conduit that supports the core during operation. Many of Elliott’s Flex Shafts come with a casing comprised of a steel liner, steel and cloth reinforcing braids and a rubber cover.

MOTOR CONNECTION: This is what attached the Flex Shaft to a power source. There are many different motor connections ranging from the simple single fitting to a more complex multi-faceted system.

FITTING: A core fitting is attached directly to the core to mate to the power source.

FERRULE: A ferrule attaches to the casing to support it in a uniform bend and to keep it from rotating.

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