Elliott Manufacturing | Introducing Elliott’s New Solutions Guide: Flexible Shafts

Introducing Elliott’s New Solutions Guide: Flexible Shafts

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Want to learn more about flexible shafts? Or how to choose the best shaft for your application? Elliott Manufacturing is pleased to introduce our new Flexible Rotary Power Transmission Solutions Guide. This handy resource will help you better understand the power of flexible shafting in a diverse and ever-expanding range of industries and applications. It also offers a wealth of information to help you to determine the best solution for your needs.

Fexible shafts

Information at your fingertips
This comprehensive 24-page resource is pack with useful informative and technical information to help answer any questions you may have on flexible shafting and to get you started on choosing the best solution for your needs. Along with a short sampling of Elliott products, you’ll find information, including:
  • Flexible shaft design solutions
  • Flexible shaft components
  • Choosing the right flexible shaft
  • Technical design considerations
  • Flexible shaft assemblies and couplings
  • Components and tool shafts
  • How to order
  • Custom solutions

Click here to download a digital copy now. Or contact us to request a printed Solutions Guide.

Elliott’s new Solutions Guide is filled with detailed product drawings and technical specifications to help you better understand your options. 

flexible shafts

“Elliott flexible shafts efficiently and reliably transmit power to a driven element that must move during operation, even around corners or into machines” explained Pete Hutchinson, product specialist at Elliott. “With an extensive line of standard products, the design expertise to create custom systems, and a modern in-house machine shop, Elliott is your one-stop source for a complete flexible shaft solution.” He added, “This new information tool is a good first step to understanding flexible shafting and finding the right solution to your needs.”

Elliott has industry-specific “Customer Design Specification Sheets” for applications in the aerospace, agriculture, industrial/general purpose, medical, steering, and valve actuation markets. These sheets detail all of the important design questions on hp, torque, rpm, bend radius, coupling size, and more on one convenient form. When complete, our application engineers can quickly respond to you with product recommendations. Request yours today. 

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