Elliott Manufacturing | Visit Elliott at Valve World Americas Expo 2019

Visit Elliott at Valve World Americas Expo 2019

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Visit Elliott at Valve World Americas Expo 2019
Elliott Manufacturing will be at the Valve World Expo at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, beginning this Wednesday. The show runs Wednesday and Thursday, June 19-20. Look for us in booth #1715 where we are showcasing Elliott’s Remote Valve Control Systems using our innovative flexible shaft systems.

Elliott Remote Valve Control Systems at Work
Elliott offers manually operated, remote valve control systems for organizations around the world in markets including, oil and gas, marine, water treatment, and other industrial piping industries. Our flexible shaft solutions are a critical component in valve management systems used to control the opening and closing of remote or hard to access valves. These systems allow efficient manual operation from a remotely located station, which significantly improves safety, reduces labor costs and ensures easier maintenance.

The Best Remote Valve Control Options in the Industry
Elliott SafeOperator™ and Uniflex-Stow™ flexible shaft systems offer a versatile and reliable approach to remote valve actuation. They:

  • Transmit torque and offer a unique solution to operating valves in a hazardous or hard to reach location
  • Permit you to route around obstructions, allowing an operator to remain in a safe and convenient location
  • Can replace rigid shaft and powered solutions cost effectively
  • Are available in two configurations: standard flexible shaft (non-geared) and flexible shaft with integrated gear
  • Can be configured in multiple ways utilizing the many modular components Elliott offers, including operators, remote operating stations, valve connection options, gearboxes, valve position indicators, hand wheels, and floor stands

Valve World Americas

About Valve World Expo 2019
Held in conjunction with the Valve World Americas Conference, Valve World Americas Expo 2019 unites the world’s leading valve organizations and end-users from the valve market industry. Hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators and distributors present their latest products and services to thousands of flow control industry professionals from across North and South America.

What Can We Design For You?
Elliott Manufacturing engineers can work with you to design a flexible shaft system that exactly fits your remote valve actuation application. Contact us now.

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