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Download Our Ag Flexible Shaft Drive Systems Catalog

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Elliott Manufacturing just published a new catalog highlighting our innovative flexible shaft drive systems for planters. Since 2003, we have produced more than 2 million flexible drive assemblies to fit most planters on the market today, including John Deere, AGCO, Kinze and Case IH. Download our new catalog now.

Improving How You Plant
A farmer’s day can be long and challenging. At Elliott Manufacturing, we look for smart, innovative flexible shaft solutions to make that time in the field a little easier, more efficient, and more profitable. Our flexible drive and control shaft products bring enhanced performance to your existing machinery and offer simple and dependable aftermarket upgrades for an ongoing return on your investment.

Elliott Drive System Products
Get the most out of your equipment. Elliott systems can add individual on/off row control to your planter by including an inline clutch. You can also upgrade a planter using chains and sprockets to improve your planting efficiency and save money.

We offer these four innovative drive system products to help farmers reap a maximum harvest through the smartest seed placement:

  • RowControl™ and RowControl+™ Drive Systems: Add an inline clutch to your John Deere planter with a Pro-Shaft™ drive. RowControl+ allows you upgrade your chain and sprocket planting system, with or without a clutch.
  • SurfaceDrive™ Drive System: Attach to your existing Precision Planting vSet® seed meter for on/off row control with Elliott’s proprietary clutch.
  • GroundControl™ Drive System: Keep your investment up and running with our compatible row control replacement for John Deere Row Command™ products.
  • FlexSeeder™ Drive System: Replace your chain and sprocket system on John Deere and Kinze planters with a maintenance-free flexible shaft drive system.

How to Find Our Agricultural Drive System Products

Elliott flexible shaft drive systems are available from our authorized distributor, Ag Express Electronics. Ag Express specializes in the sale, service and support of electronic equipment used in agriculture. Contact Ag Express now at or call your nearest location at:

  • Ag Express Nebraska, (308) 381-2905
  • Ag Express Iowa (515) 289-2746
  • Ag Express Indiana (765) 533-4809

About Precision Planting

Precision agriculture was born with the introduction of GPS guidance for tractors in the early 1990s. Now widespread, this technology has been adopted around the globe. John Deere was the first to introduce the innovation using GPS location data from satellites. A GPS-connected controller in a farmer’s tractor automatically steers the equipment based on the coordinates of a field. This reduces steering errors by drivers and any overlap passes on the field, which results in less wasted seed, fertilizer, fuel, and time.

According to Open Access Government, the global precision farming market will be worth $4 billion in 2018 at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 13%. Eighty percent of Australian farmers already use GPS on tractors, making Australia the leading pioneer in using the technology, In the U.S., 70% of farmers use GPS on their tractors.

Learn More

To learn more about Elliott’s flexible shaft drive systems for agriculture, download our new brochure now. To discuss a customized system for your specific application, email us now or call (607) 772-0404.

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